Our Story

While I own and operate the store on a daily basis, it is truly a collaboration between my sister, Laurie Timberman and me.

I grew up in Dundee and my family has always lived here. I have spent the past 30 years working in Finance and Accounting. My last position was V.P Finance for Constellation Brands in Victor, NY. I have lived in Canandaigua, NY for the past 17 years. When I left Constellation I decided I wanted to leave the corporate life and do something creative and different. I also wanted to come home to spend time with my parents and siblings.

My sister stayed in Dundee. She has, over the years, used her incredible eye for design to professionally paint, wallpaper and design for others. She also had her own shop for a short time in Penn Yan, NY. For the past decade she has helped her husband run a dairy farm. They sold the farm about the same time I left corporate finance and they began growing hops for the growing microbrewery industry.

An accidental meeting with an old friend led to an idea I couldn’t get out of my head. He had recently purchased The Belles Shop building on Main Street and was deciding what to do with it. It was the perfect location for the shop my sister and I had joked about in the past. A few phone calls and a lot of prayer led to a yearlong process to get the building into shape and build the inventory to open the right way. The “Belles” in Country Belles is a nod to the decades that The Belles Shop served this community.

Laurie and I began “junk shopping” with our mother when we could barely walk and Mom has an artist’s eye for interior design. So I guess we inherited our love for antiques and vintage items from her. The best part of this adventure has been doing it with my sister. I have to give credit to her husband, Bob, who has been with us every step of the way lending his skill and muscle in all we do. Also , credit is due to Jerry Cadwell and Frank Bloom for all the work it took to get the building back into shape.